Welcome to the house “Polissya”

The estate of “Polissya” located around forest and lakes in the beatiful conservation area. Our recreation center is located near Kiev and Zhitomir. Accommodation for guests in the cozy houses made from wood. The rooms are furnished with handmade furniture (made of oak and alder). We are friendly environment, so that it was comfortable for a family rest and to relax for the big company: arbours, hammocks, fireplace, portable barbecues, space for dancing and outdoor activities, as well as a large playground. There are 2 kitchens with a small banquet hall, sauna and a workshop of wood products.
We offer a plunge into the atmosphere of the Eco – rest and spend time fishing, hunting, walking in the woods for mushrooms and berries. In addition, you can enjoy horse-riding, auto tour (Radomyshl, boil), and participate in our workshops.
The estate of “Polissya” – is not just a rest, this familiarity with the “living” nature, combines rustic flavor and at the same time comfortable living conditions. You can feel the peace and tranquility after the hustle and bustle of city life, to feel at one with nature, relax your body and soul.

We hope you love the native Ukrainian Polissya and become our regular guests!